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Building Connections, Skills and Mindsets with Working Out Loud

Mara Tolja - Facilitator

Michal Gradshtein - Hosted by

יום שני 13.6.22 בשעות: 10:00 - 11:30

Webinar Description

Working Out Loud (WOL) is a peer coaching program that has spread to more than 50,000 people and hundreds of companies in 67 countries. 

Developed as a method to make-work better, WOL Circles are a structured form of peer coaching, meeting independently for one hour/week for 12 weeks. Circle members learn through deliberate practice over time. By the end, each person has built a bigger network, cultivated new skills, and increased their confidence to contribute more.

In this interactive webinar, Mara will introduce this increasingly popular method, and we’ll try one of the exercises from the WOL Circles Program. 

Most people think far too narrowly about what they have to offer. In this exercise we’ll help you understand how a broad set of things you may take for granted, can serve as the basis for meaningful connections with others, which in turn increase collaboration, connection, and contributions across a network.

See what companies are saying about WOL in their organization:

"Working Out Loud…makes work more humane.“ 

- Michael Brecht, Daimler AG, Chairman of the General Works Council

 “One of our latest and probably most innovative offerings is Working Out Loud.”

- Kai Beckmann, Member of the Executive Board at Merck KGaA

 “WOL is the perfect way to cultivate our Porsche family and strengthen relationships within the company.”

- Porsche AG official blog

“I am impressed by the speed with which the topic has spread within Bosch & how positive the worldwide feedback is. WOL stands for a mindset we urgently need in a connected world."

- Christoph Kübel, CHRO & Bosch Board Member

The Facilitator

Mara Tolja is a globally recognized digital collaboration expert. She has over 20 years of experience working with both small and large organizations across Asia and Europe. 

Starting out managing technology teams at a global financial institution, she now partners with a diverse range of companies to innovate and connect in the digital space. 

Specializing in cross-collaboration and leadership development, Mara helps some of the most recognized organizations connect their digital capabilities. 

Mara is currently Director at Workwell DotCo (, a company she founded providing strategic consultation and program delivery to organizations across South East Asia. 

In addition, she manages the ever-growing Working Out Loud community, responsible for delivering both the global Alumni and Ambassador programs.


The Host

Michal Gradshtein is an organizational psychologist with a network perspective. Her work with companies helps build a culturally directed space for emergence; leverage existing network structures; and build inclusive mental models. Michal focuses on relationships as the core mechanism to drive performance, engagement, creativity, and agility.

Michal is also the founder and CEO of the startup company StarLinks, which uses ONA to drive a networked organization bottom-up.

Michal has work experience in global organizations and in a variety of industries. She holds an M.Sc. with honors in Organizational Psychology from The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago.


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